Welcome to Anant Parivar:

ANANT PARIVAR SEVA MANDIR TRUST (APSMT) is a registered with the aim to serve the the society. It is a public charitable trust, guided by and enlightened by Dr. D. P. Shukla, to fulfill his mission of spreading the divine light of knowledge and transforming the souls, lost in darkness towards the eternal luminescence, with his love and compassion.
The MISSION of ANANT PARIVAR (APSMT) is- “To show the way to all, who are real seekers, to obtain divine knowledge, health, wisdom, abundance and prosperity, eternal love, peace and light, happiness and joy”.


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The services in ANANT will enable people

To reconnect with the roots of their own deepest spiritual energies,

To have the opportunity to be enfolded in the beauty

And the healing touch of nature in the valley,

To experience the presence of God within their own being

As they experience the presence of God in the peace and tranquility of the valley.