In human life, being on a mother’s lap is associated with feelings of security, comfort, and love. Many kids find refuge on their mothers’ laps, where they feel safe, loved, and cared for. It represents the emotional connection between a mother and child physically.

The experience of being in a mother’s Womb is unique and cannot be replicated in any other environment. During this time, a developing fetus is surrounded by warmth, darkness, and a constant sense of safety and security. The mother’s womb provides a stable environment where the baby is protected from external stimuli and experiences a gentle and rhythmic sensation of movement.

There are many meditation methods that incorporate the concept of discovering a secure and nurturing space within oneself, which is comparable to the experience of being held in a mother’s lap.

In the end, the concept of a mother’s lap in human life symbolises the innate need for emotional support, comfort, and security, which can be attained through both external sources and by developing a profound sense of inner peace and self-acceptance.